About Us

Hi there! We are Michael and Belinda Jeske, the owners of Odie Paws Pet Care. You may already have a clear understanding of the services we provide, but to get a better feel for what it would be like to work with us, here’s a more personal look into our life.

Why Choose Odie Paws?

  • Over 30+ years of personal pet ownership.
  • Experience with dogs, cat, rabbits, & other small mammals.
  • Dog boarding in a safe home environment.
  • Business insured through Pet Care Insurance.
  • Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid through American Red Cross.
  • Experience with special needs and senior pets.
  • We are Passionate About Working With and Caring for Animals!

Our Story

We are homeowners and lifetime pet owners who have raised three beautiful daughters and two wonderful golden retrievers, Brandy and Bindi. We currently have a three year old old chocolate lab named Odie, the namesake and mascot of our business, and a seal-point cat named Mrs. Beasley. Our love for animals will be shared with you and your pet because we understand how precious and special they are. They are family.

Our children are now grown and we would love to use our time and home now to care for your animals. We have plenty of space out here in the country and live very close to Turtle Valley where we can walk dogs for long stretches with no roads. Currently our yard is unfenced but we are in the process of building a large dog run attached to the house. We are also more than willing to come to your house to walk, feed, and take care of your four-legged friends. We look forward to meeting and loving your buddy.